Here is a sobering fact. Find practical ways to … 1) Deliver a gift from our church/ministry or the local church that we are working with. —Rob L. Whitacre TRAINING THE SAVED TO TEACH THE LOST V … But we can be sure that before “the great tribulation” is finished, Jehovah’s name will have been made known as never before in human history. 21 talking about this. Based in Lawrence, MA. We are thrilled to have you listen in … Answer: Whenever door-to-door evangelism is mentioned, people invariably think of Jehovah’s Witness and, to a lesser extent, Latter-day Saints (Mormons). My House Ministries is a community fellowship with a desire to create a “blue-print” for a solid faith. We ask for your prayers as we seek to train the saved to teach the lost. One approach is door-to-door evangelism—but it can be extremely nerve-racking. House to House is a cultural outreach movement of Greg Ray Ministries. 38:23. Question: "Is door-to-door evangelism an effective method?" Founded on the whole word of God, our goal is to build our house upon the rock (Matthew 7:24). —Rev. If you receive House to House Heart to Heart in your mailbox, which church is listed on the front page? Almost 700,000 people die every day, nearly 30,000 die every hour, and approximately 500 die every minute. Whereas only a tiny proportion of Mormons undertake two years’ missionary work, all Jehovah’s Witnesses (whether baptized or not) are expected to take part in the … Free community events to encourage families. Lazarus House Ministries works to break the cycle of poverty by providing food, clothing, work preparation and housing to those in need. If you want to schedule the school to come to your congregation, please contact House to House/Heart to Heart at Besides focusing on personal evangelism and gospel sharing in your door to door planning, there are plenty of ways that a door to door evangelism campaign can lay the groundwork to help your church grow. Tools are only as effective as the training so this seminar is an evangelism … Fishers of Men and Back to the Bible are tools. My name is Rob Whitacre, director of the House to House School of Evangelism. Over the years, individuals and churches have turned away from door to door style evangelism ministries, because of the stigma associated with the method. However, for those who are so inclined, this is a wonderful opportunity to present the soul-saving gospel of our Savior. With that said here are seven helpful tips for evangelizing door to … We are taking the Message of Christ into homes and neighborhoods across the region based on the New Testament paradigm contained in the book of Acts. Just the thought of walking up to a stranger’s door to share the gospel is enough to send the bravest of us into a panic attack. 7:14; Ezek. ... Our volunteers are trained to achieve these three things at each house that is visited. Just what role the house-to-house ministry will play in the proclaiming of those climactic judgment messages remains to be seen. Learn who is currently spiritually thirsty. Our evangelism seminar is an effort to bring a training school right to your local congregation.

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